Self-Defense Seminars

Midwest Center for Movement offers Self-Defense & Self-Protection classes taught on a session basis for people of all ages interested in improving their skills in avoiding and surviving and altercation with an attacker. Self-defense (Self`-de*fense”) (v), n.

1. The act of defending one’s own person, property, or reputation.

2. In self-defense (Law), in protection of self, — it being permitted in law to a party on whom a grave wrong is attempted to resist the wrong, even at the peril of the life of the assailiant. Wharton.

Self-Defense and Self-Protection classes are designed to help all people reduce the likelihood of an assault upon their person. Our Self-Defense & Self-Protection seminars are extremely popular with individuals, families, community groups and large businesses. We offer these seminars at our facility or yours. In these seminars we teach a “safe escape” mindset. The idea is to not let a situation reach the point of physical altercation should be a self-defense minded person’s first point of business. Once a situation reaches the physical stage, you will learn simple, effective ways to neutralize the attacker and get you (and your family) home safe. Our seminars often benefit local organizations such as TurningPoint for Victims of Domestic Abuse and other worthy groups. If you would like to be notified of when our next seminar is: Join our Mailing List or call 651-308-8673. Space is usually limited to 40.