Training for Law Enforcement and Businesses

P.A.C.T. (For Law Enforcement Groups Only)

Police Aikido Control Tactics training was created by Bill Sosa (Founder, International Aikido Association) in response to many of his students (who were Dallas/Ft. Worth Police, US Marshals, and FBI agents) that thought their standard defensive tactics training was lacking. The curriculum was designed with the aid of the Dallas/Ft.Worth Police Dept., the US Marshals, and FBI. P.A.C.T. training introduces applied Aikido technique strictly for the needs of the law enforcement professional. P.A.C.T. training sessions teach techniques that allow for restraining, arresting, and controlling an individual regardless of size in a expeditious non-violent manner. The secondary focus of P.A.C.T. training is weapon retention and weapon defense techniques. In a litigation-happy society, the ability to handle a situation in a “controlled manner” is of increasing interest to law enforcement professionals everywhere. What makes this program most effective and useful for the law enforcement community is; unlike most programs that are designed to teach completely new skillsets while disregarding previous training,  P.A.C.T. builds on existing skills and augments previous techniques and tactics, making them more effective for a larger scope of scenarios and immediately useful to the officer. Michael has also added a comprehensive ground defense curriculum in the continuing evolution of P.A.C.T. Michael Ellefson was certified as a P.A.C.T. instructor by Bill Sosa. He has lead P.A.C.T. training for various law enforcement groups, corrections officers, and private security firms. Mr. Ellefson is joined by technical consultant and assistant Leo Lalley who served as United States Postal Inspector for 31 years.  During his time with the Postal Inspection Service, Mr. Lalley was a Team Leader, a PIO, a Defensive Tactics, Officer Survival, and Firearms Instructor. As of 2011, MCFM programs are officially sanctioned for Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) credits for Minnesota law enforcement personnel