Midwest Center For Movement Kids' Programs

The Midwest Center for Movement is registered with the State and has a contract in place to provide services to youth under the Children’s Long Term Support Waiver (CLTS) program in the State of Wisconsin




“Our kids do not respond to punches and kicks with punches and kicks”

What can our Kids Aikido Program do for your child?

Our Kids develop important life skills, but you may ask how can one program have such an impact on my child’s life?

In our program, we don’t believe in just teaching children how to grapple, throw and pin others. We work to build your child’s character. During classes you’ll see your child’s energy, confidence, and spirit rise while he or she becomes strong and confident. We’re not just talking about physical strength…but the kind of strength it takes to resist peer pressure, deal with bullies, and other negative aspects of being a kid.

Our kids program will provide your child with a host of positive mental and physical skills that will help him or her in school, at home, and in life.

The result? Your child will learn that success is the most likely outcome to anything they put their mind to. You will see a new kind of discipline and self-confidence emerge that will positively effect all areas of their lives. You’ll notice a powerful mind-body connection that helps make them unstoppable in life! Your child will be able to defend themselves and others physically and just as important…defend themselves emotionally.

Even if your child is involved in sports, it may not be enough. Recent studies have shown that a program like ours that focuses on personal achievement and improved self-esteem are vastly more effective than team sports.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)


– Uses Techniques instead of strength

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is an ideal method of self defense for kids since it emphasizes leverage and technique over strength and power. This focus makes it possible for all children to excel, regardless of their size or athletic ability.

BJJ vs Karate or Tae Kwon Do

Ideal for diffusing school fights Brazilian Jiu Jitsu enables practitioners to subdue their opponents without the use of punching and kicking, eliminating the need to use excessive force in a real-life self-defense situation. BJJ is a martial art that uses grappling techniques and is ideal for diffusing school fights. Nobody has to get hurt with Jiu-Jitsu. The idea of “tapping out” during training allows the students to keep their training realistic, yet safe.

-The Benefits of MCFM Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for your Child?

Martial Art Builds Self Confidence & Self Esteem

For many children, self confidence doesn’t come naturally. Confidence is developed over a period of time and as a child accomplishes new goals, his or her confidence level increases. Children gain self esteem and exhibit confidence with their new-found Jiu-Jitsu techniques, but our instructors will constantly stress, in class, the value of knowing when to use their skills–for self defense or in competition only! Kids with a high sense of self-esteem have the confidence to stand up for themselves, be more out spoken and more inclined to help others. The confidence gained allows their individual personalities to shine.

Learning Coordination Early in Life

Kids learn motor movement at a very early age. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu challenges the entire body, developing coordination, balance, agility and poise. These traits are often neglected and not fully developed in team sports. By starting children in Jiu-Jitsu they learn how to fall properly, and how to initiate movement patterns that are inherent to life and any sport they might choose down the road. We also begin basic fitness and calisthenics that will give them a leg-up on their peers who do not engage in fitness activities at an early age.

Learn discipline and perseverance

In Jiu-Jitsu, kids are ranked in The International Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Federation belt system and within these belts they will earn degrees (4 degrees per belt). The belt system allows your child to set long-term goals (becoming a black belt) and short-term goals, such as being able to execute a new technique they learned in class, or achieving their next degree or belt. Early exposure to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is truly a great gift to your child.