The cane might look like a crutch, but it can be one of the most practical and tactical self-defense tools the martial arts have to offer. We’re excited to offer the health and safety benefits of this Cane Jitsu program for anyone interested- whether you need a cane or not!

The use of a cane for martial arts training has benefits that go far beyond the gym.

Students who enroll in the Cane Jitsu program enjoy several advantages:

  • Improved strength, balance, and confidence.

  • Mastery of an impact and leverage tool that can protect not only yourself, but others.

  • Cane Jitsu Is Perfect As An Everyday Self-Defense Tool: Increased safety and capability in places where many weapons (guns, knives) and self-defense tools (tasers, pepper spray) are banned, like airplanes government buildings, and entertainment events.


Our Cane Jitsu curriculum is divided into levels for students to study, build skill sets, and achieve a new standard of excellence.

Level One: Covers, Strikes, and Retention

Level Two: Joint Locks and Cane Assisted Takedowns

Level Three: Seated, kneeling and Groundwork

Level Four: Advanced Environmental tactics for defense and weapon defense