“Practice for Perfection, and you will always be Effective”

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Unlike many martial arts schools that only deal with defending against someone from their own style or with no training, MCFM Aikido students are trained to immediately neutralize attacks from trained individuals. You will learn to defend yourself against striking and/or kicking arts, wrestlers and grapplers, and untrained violent attacks. This is possible because of the experience of our senior students and instructors. Our teaching staff has black belt rankings in 6 other martial arts besides Aikido, and experience in many others martial arts before bringing their knowledge to here.

What is Aikido?

  • Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art developed by Morihei Ueshiba

  • It can be translated as “the path of harmonizing energy”.

  • On a physical level it involves comprehensive use of effective joint locks, strikes, throws, standing grappling techniques, nerve strikes, and manipulations. It also involves comprehensive use of Japanese sword, knife and walking stick techniques.

  • Unlike classical Japanese martial arts that stress victory at all costs on the battlefield, Aikido is a means of achieving a non-injurious resolution to conflict and to promote harmonious interaction between members of society.

  • Movement in Aikido should be natural and not forced. The application of aikido technique requires very little strength or athletic ability, therefore, aikido can be utilized by practically everyone. Most importantly, properly executed aikido techniques will not result in severe injury to an attacker.

  • Aikido students can find exactly what they are looking for, whether it is applicable self-defense technique, improving physical fitness, peace of mind, or spiritual enlightenment.

The Midwest Center for Movement Aikido Program is affiliated with the Mid-America Aikido Federation. Students receive internationally recognized rank, and may visit any MAAF school worldwide free of charge.

BATTO & Swordsmanship Our Batto Do and swordsmanship classes are part of our Aikido program. Aikido has a rich tradition of using the weapons of the samurai, and at MCFM that tradition continues. MCFM is a member dojo of The United State Federation of Batto Do under the Zen Nihon Batto Do Renmei.

  • Batto Do is the art of drawing and cutting with a blade in one continuous motion. And proper sword etiquette.

  • Tameshigiri is the art of cutting at target with a sword. The targets usually consist of tatami (heavy straw mats) that are bound and soaked in water. These more or less emulate the consistency of flesh. More advanced practitioners will have the same targets with bamboo in the middle (emulating large bones) or multiple targets.

  • All sword training begins with the use of a bokken (wooden sword). From there a student will transition to using an Iaito (training blade) and then finally will work with a Shinken (live blade).