Michael Ellefson   Chief Instructor/Owner     5th Degree Black Belt Aikido
  1st Degree Black Belt Brazilian Jiu-jitsu
  Mike has been studying Aikido for over 25 years and holds the rank of Godan (5th degree black belt).  Mike had a huge epiphany in Aikido in 1989 when he became a student of Bill Sosa Shihan (1934-2002, Founder of the International Aikido Association).  Mike strives to this day to put forth the spirit, ki, and technique put forth by Sosa Shihan.  The Midwest Center for Movement (and offshoot dojos in WI and MN) are affiliated under Randy Bonifay Shihan and the Mid-America Aikido Federation.  Bonifay Shihan was a student of Sosa Shihan’s for over 20 years and was Sosa Shihan’s highest ranking student.  Mike has been studying Japanese swordsmanship for 20 years and continues to use the katana as the basis for his Aikido movement. Mike approaches Aikido from both the spiritual and martial aspects.  His technique is known for being extremely effective and at the same time soft and relaxed.
  Mike also has been studying Brazilian Jiu-jitsu since 1998 and holds the rank of 1st Degree Black Belt under 8th Degree Red & Black belt Rigan Machado.  Mike first started BJJ in Rickson Gracie’s organization.  He then earned his purple belt under 7th degree Rickson Gracie Black belt, Luiz Palhares.  He then earned his brown and black belts from Professor Chris McCune and Master Rigan Machado.  Along with heading up the BJJ program at MCFM, Mike also oversees the BJJ programs at 10K MMA in Forrest Lake, MN and The Grind Fitness & MMA in Eau Claire, WI.
Mike has studied many martial arts and holds rank in Ryukyu Kempo Karate, Judo, & Shinbudo MMA.  Mike believes you can learn from anyone, whether they are a white belt or a coral belt. That is why his mats are always open to visitors who want train with a good heart and no ego. And that is also why he is continuously attending seminars and workshops with instructors from any and all organizations to improve his jiu-jitsu.
Mike founded the Harmonious Sphere Martial Arts Academy in Fargo, ND in 1995. He then founded the Warrior’s Cove Aikido program in 1997 and is currently the Chief Aikido and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu instructor for The Midwest Center for Movement – Aikido Bukou Dojo in Hudson, WI and oversees the Mid America Aikido Federation Dojos in WI and MN.
This includes:
Kyoshin Aikido Dojo, West St. Paul MN
Ki Nagare Dojo, Marshfield, WI
Spirit Aikido, Eden Prairie, MN
From 2001-2006 Mike was and Ad-hoc Professor at the University of WI- River Falls in the Health and Human Performance Department instructing for credit Aikido and Self-Defense classes. Mike travels extensively teaching self-defense and self-protection courses to businesses and organizations.
Mike is a certified P.A.C.T. (Police Aikido Control Tactics) Instructor training various Federal and Local Law Enforcement Agencies in applied Defensive Tactics.  Mike’s program is recognized for (POST) Peace Officer Standards & Training for the State of MN.
Mike makes his home in North Hudson with his wife Corrie, daughters- Veronica and Genevieve, Puggle- Granger, and cat, Stella.
For more information on Mike’s credentials:
Mid-America Aikido Federation
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